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Tax free

Non European Union (EU) residents can claim a tax refund on purchases personally exported from EU country. Tax Free service in Lithuania is provided by UAB „Global Blue Lietuva“.

Notice: Residents of EU countries can not claim VAT for purchases made in EU.

How it works?

  • Look out for the Global Blue logo; if you cannot see it, please ask the shop staff if they provide the service. Minimum purchase amount should exceed 200LT per one cash receipt
  • In order to obtain a refund on purchased goods you have to prove exportation with a customs stamp on your Tax Refund Cheque. Show your goods in unused condition, receipts, and the Tax Refund Cheque to customs officials before leaving the country, and have your cheque stamped. When travelling within the EU, show your purchases and documents to customs officials in the last EU country you visit before leaving Europe.
  • Customs validation should be obtained within 3 months plus the month of purchase. After the customs validation there is no expiration date for Lithuanian Tax Refund Cheques.

Please observe that the final refund you receive will consist of the VAT total, minus an administration fee.

Tax Free Shopping doesn’t apply to goods that are shipped or sent by courier.

Where to claim your refund?

If you leave Lithuania by car or bus

To Belarus:

At Medicinos bankas offices

  • Lavoriškės post, Vilnius-Polock road
  • Medininkai post, Vilnius- Minsk roud
  • Šalčininkai post, Vilnius-Lida roud
  • Raigardas post, Vilnius – Grodno road

To Russian Federation:

At Medicinos bankas offices

  • Kybartai post, Kaunas- Kaliningrad road
  • Panemunė post, Šiauliai- Kaliningrad road

If you come to visit Lithuania again, visit Medicinos bankas offices at the following addresses:

  • Vilnius, Vokiečių str. 2
  • Vilnius, Pamėnkalnio str. 40
  • Vilnius, Konstitucijos ave. 3
  • Vilnius, Sodų str. 22 (Bus station)
  • Kaunas, Vytauto ave. 14
  • Klaipėda, Šermukšnių str. 1
  • Klaipėda, H. Manto str. 31
  • Tauragė, Gedimino str. 23

If you leave Lithunia by train:

Ask the customs officer on the train during the customs inspection on the border to stamp your Tax Refund cheque and later visit any Refund point.

If you leave from the airport:

Vilnius International airport:

  • Arrivals hall- Medicinos bankas office
  • Departures - Fragrances International Duty free shops Gates 1&14
  • Kaunas airport – Medicinos bankas office
  • Palanga airport – Medicinos bankas office


  • Minsk, Technobanlk. Kropotkina str. 44




  • Runovsky lane 12
  • Leningradskoe highway 13, bld.1
  • Pyatnitskaya str. 31/2, bld. 3
  • Tverskaya str. 9/17, bld. 1

Banca Intesa

  • Mira ave. 3
  • Sadovaya-Chernogryazskaya str. 16-18
  • Valovaya str. 11/19
  • Krasnoproletarskaya str. 30


  • Masterbank; Malaya Sadovaya str. 4, prem. 1H, liter A
  • Banca Intesa; Kuibysheva str. 15
  • Cash Refund LTD; Professora Popova str. 37, Litera A, 4floor


  • Banca Intesa; Serganta Koloskova str. 4

For more international refund points please visit:

If you would like to receive your refund to a credit card or on a bank cheque, mail your Refund Cheques along with the cash receipts to Global Blue. A bank cheque will be sent to your home address or a crediting will be done to your credit card. Remember to enter your valid credit card number on a back side of Tax Refund Cheque.

For more information please contact:

UAB "Global Blue Lietuva"
Pylimo str.41/1
01136 Vilnius
Phone: +370 5 2644100
Fax: +370 5 2644101
e-mail :