FUJITSU oro kondicionierius Nordic LTC serijos ASYG14LTCB/AOYG14LTCN

Produkto ID: 0001558
Save human sensor : Human sensor detects the movement of people in the room and judges whether the energy saving operation. 
Economy mode : Thermostat setting automatically changes according to the temperature to avoid unnecessary cooling and heating. 
Powerful heating : Keeping the rated heating capacity even when the outdoor ambient temperature is -7°C. 
Powerful mode : Operation at maximum air flow and compressor speed, and quickly makes the room comfortable. 
10°C HEAT operation : The room temperature can be set to go no lower than 10°C, thus ensuring that the room does not get too cold when not occupied. 
Low noise mode : Sound noise level of outdoor unit can be selected. 
Auto-changeover : The unit automatically switches between heating and cooling modes based on your temperature setting and the room temperature. 
Up / down swing flaps : The up / down flaps automatically swing up and down. 
Automatic fan speed : The micro-computer automatically adjusts the airflow effectively to follow the changes of room temperature. 
Auto restart : In the event of a temporary power failure, the air conditioner will automatically restart in the same operating mode as before, once power supply is restored. 
Sleep timer : The micro-computer gradually changes the room temperature automatically to afford a comfortable night's sleep. 
Program timer : This digital timer allows selection of one of four options : ON, OFF, ON;→OFF or OFF→ON. 
Weekly timer : Different ON-OFF times can be set for each day. 
Filter sign : Indicates the filter cleaning period by lamp. 
Ion deodorization filter : The filter deodorizes by powerfully decomposing absorbed odors using the oxidizing and reducing effects of ions generated by the ultra-fine-particle ceramic. 
Apple-catechin filter : The Apple-catechin filter uses static electricity to clean fine particles and dust in the air. 
  • Energijos efektyvumo klasė šaldyme A+++
  • energijos efektyvumo klasė šildyme A++
  • didelis efektyvumas
  • energijos taupymo režimas ECO
  • freoninis dugno pašildytuvas
  • optimalus galios reguliavimas
  • 10°C palaikymo galimybė
  • miego režimas
  • programuojamas laikmatis
  • išmanioji akis
  • šildymas iki -25°C 
  • baltos spalvos
  • 3 metų garantija
Šaldymo galia, kW(nenustatyta)
Šildymo galia, kW(nenustatyta)
FUJITSU oro kondicionierius Nordic LTC serijos ASYG14LTCB/AOYG14LTCN
  • FUJITSU oro kondicionierius Nordic LTC serijos ASYG14LTCB/AOYG14LTCN
  • FUJITSU oro kondicionierius Nordic LTC serijos ASYG14LTCB/AOYG14LTCN